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The Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) across Vision West Nottinghamshire College offer comprehensive library services and IT facilities. The guides on this page aim to answer your questions about how to use the LRCs and the resources available to you.  We have a range of subject guides for your area of study.  These have links to lots of online resources so please take a look.

Click on the relevant image to the right to access LRC Online for college staff, LRC Online for students, or LRC Online for off campus users if you are a work based learner, doing an apprenticeship, or an apprenticeship specialist member of staff.

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July 2024


Plastic Free Month is a worldwide event to help people find a way to start a plastic-free life. Every step counts no matter what size, every little change will make a difference and together we can make the world a happier and cleaner place.

Simple everyday things sometimes can be easily converted into environmentally friendly items. Reusable water bottles, plastic-free tea bags, no straws or disposable coffee cups, avoiding plastic ware at home, using razors with replaceable blades, buying products in boxes instead of plastic containers or bags, etc. There are so many ideas that can be easily introduced at home, school, and workplaces. 


Plastic free month

How to go plastic free: eco tips for busy people

50 things you should know about the environment

What's really happening to our planet?

50 ways to help the planet : easy ways to live a sustainable life


World Chocolate Day, also known as International Chocolate Day, is celebrated on July 7th each year.

This day is dedicated to appreciating and indulging in one of the most popular treats in the world: chocolate.

The celebration is believed to mark the day when chocolate was first introduced to Europe in the year 1550.

People all over the world observe this day by consuming chocolate in various forms, sharing it with friends and family, and participating in chocolate-themed parties and events. It is a day to celebrate the rich taste, history, culture, and enjoyment that chocolate has brought to people all over the world for centuries.


International World Chocolate Day - Whitakers Chocolates | Our Blog

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In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day, providing an opportunity for educating young people about social consciousness, leadership, and responsibility through a variety of talks, events, and cultural events.

This year the theme is "Arise, Awake, and Realise the Power You Hold" 



24 July (24/7) is Samaritans Awareness Day because they will be there to listen 24/7. On this date and throughout July, they will be running their awareness-raising campaign Talk to Us, to remind people that they are there for anyone who needs someone to listen.

Every year in July, Samaritans branches in the UK and the Republic of Ireland hold local events to raise awareness that Samaritans are here to listen to anyone who's struggling to cope, at any time of the day or night.

Click here to find out more about their local branch in Mansfield or call 116 123 if you or someone you know needs to talk.


Talk to us

Mindfulness for students

50 ways to feel happy


The things you can see only when you slow down

Quiet : learning to silence the chatter and believing that you're good enough

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