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Welcome to LRC Online - (March 2021)

Coronavirus update (March 2021) - Important information about Derby Road LRC

All LRC's are now open - please see opening times on this page.  Access to the main LRC at Derby Road is by appointment only. A bookings system is in operation to use:

  • A computer (2 hours max),
  • A desk (2 hours max)  
  • To borrow resources / see a member of LRC staff for help (15 mins max).

Please make your bookings using MyPC.

Access to all other LRCs will not require an appointment but access will be limited based on the number of people in the space at any one time.

Please contact us via email,, if you have any queries or would like help using any of the online resources available on LRC Online.


The Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) across Vision West Nottinghamshire College offer comprehensive library services and IT facilities. The guides on this page aim to answer your questions about how to use the LRCs and the resources available to you.  We have a range of subject guides for your area of study.  These have links to lots of online resources so please take a look.

Click on the relevant image to the right to access LRC Online for college staff, LRC Online for students, or LRC Online for off campus users if you are a work based learner, doing an apprenticeship, or an apprenticeship specialist member of staff.

Subject Guides

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LRC Resources for 

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April 2021


National Autistic Society (NAS) wants to educate people about autism and make the world more friendly place for those who suffer with this condition. There are 700,000 people with autism in the UK and many people are unaware what autism means.  There are also many employers who do not know where to ask for more information regarding employing people with autism. NAS is promoting this week at schools and workplaces and it is trying to encourage people to take part in fundraising events. Please check the quizzes and the website below and our reading resources to learn more about autism. 


ABC of Autism

The Horse Boy

How Lego-Based Therapy For Autism Works

The Reason I Jump

The Essential Guide to Autism

My Friend Sam



Stress Awareness Month is there to help people to cope with stress and give them advice and guidance. Stress is a significant factor in mental health and we all suffer with it more or less. It comes from workplace and personal life and it can have a huge impact on our health. Learning to manage everyday stress can help us to reduce it and handle it better to avoid any serious health conditions. Today’s world can be incredibly challenging. Life is like a race and we all keep on running and we do not know how to stop. We feel the pressure and we let that pressure get to us because of our jobs, bills and other responsibilities but we need to find a way to help ourselves not to fall into that dangerous loop of madness and stress. Let’s not forget that life is a journey, not a race.

This year's theme is a 30 Days Challenge Regaining Connectivity, Certainty and Control. Please check the website below for more details and also check our library resources. They are a good read and it can put stress into perspective. Every day we are stressed about so many little things that we shouldn’t really be stressing about. 



Move Train Nourish

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Overcoming Fear of Failure


	Jamie does Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece and France: easy twists on classic dishes inspired by my travels



National Pet Month is an educational campaign to celebrate the benefits of having pets but also to make people aware of the responsibilities as a pet owner. This month brings many pet lovers, schools and charity organisations together to promote pets ownership and also raise some money for a good causes. For many of us our pets become part of our family and we look after them dearly. Sadly there are still many animals who struggle to find a home because they were abandoned by previous owners due to moving out or just losing interest. Having a pet is rewarding and brings some much happiness but it comes with many responsibilities we need to be aware of before we adopt or buy a pet. Please check the website below and a few examples of our library resources on pets. 




Ultimate Chinchilla Care


Dog Food Logic


Owning a Pet Dog



National Gardening week is run by Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to raise awareness of gardening and horticulture, and to encourage people to get active outdoors with friends and family. Nature can have a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing, especially during these difficult  times. 

“Plants and gardens have the power to uplift us and that's why we urged everyone to get involved in National Gardening Week this year, in whatever way they could. It's more important than ever that we savour the beauty of flowers and trees because gardens are a natural tonic.” Alan Titchmarsh

Please check the website below and a few examples of our library resources.


Grow it Eat it

Learn to Garden


Essential Gardening Techniques

How to get kids offline, outdoors, and connecting with nature

The Cake Shop in the Garden