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Key things you need to know about using the LRCs for students

How do I use a computer in the LRC?

To use a computer in the LRC you will need to have your ID card and lanyard with you.

Computers can be booked for two hours via MyPC or by asking LRC staff.

If you have booked a PC in advance you will need to log on within ten minutes of the booked start time or your booking will be cancelled.

Once you have logged on to a computer remember to save your work regularly.
At the end of your pre-booked session the computer will log you off automatically but you will get three warnings to save your work. If you need to print make sure you do it in plenty of time before your session ends

Alternatively, you can walk up to an available computer and log on yourself to do research, complete assignments or print.
Remember to sign out!

Borrowing a Laptop

General guidelines for using the LRC laptops 

To borrow a laptop from the LRC you will need to have your ID card and lanyard with you.


  1. Once a laptop is on your account. You are responsible for it, you must be the one to return it.
    • Please do not use your friends or other staff members to grab or return a laptop. 
  2. All laptops must be returned within 2-3 hours. Latest return is within 20 minutes before the LRC closes (if taken in the afternoon). For example: If the LRC will close at 6:30pm, you must return the laptop by 6:10pm

  3. If a locker door is open without you scanning your student ID, do not take it. It has not fully been returned.
    Close the door and scan your ID for another laptop to be issued.
  4. Make sure when returning your laptop that it is plugged in!
    It will not come off your account automatically unless this is done. (It should display a red light next to your laptop's locker)