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LRC resources for animal care

LRC resources for animal care

This guide provides a subject specific tour of the print and online resources available to help you with your studies.

Use the links on the left to help you:

  • find print books, magazines and journals in the LRC
  • search for articles online
  • use the best databases and websites for your course

New resources for animal care

BBC Wildlife
Country SmallHolding
The Healthy Pet Guide
For Pets
The Domestic Dog
Understanding Cat Behaviour
Measuring Behaviour
A Practical Approach to Animal Welfare Law
How Dogs Learn
Animal Behavior
The Domestic Cat
Kennels and Kenneling
How Dogs Work
Essential Animal Behavior
Animal Welfare
An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology
Practical Wildlife Care
Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds
Cattery Design
Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
The dog anatomy workbook
Running Your Own Boarding Kennels
Wild Mammals in Captivity
BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing
Livestock Handling and Transport
Principles of Animal Behavior, 4th Edition
Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care
The Everything Pet Rabbit Handbook
Care for your guinea pigs
Guinea Pigs
Ultimate Chinchilla Care Chinchillas As Pets the Must Have Guide for Anyone Passionate about Owning a Chinchilla. Includes Health, Toys, Food, Bedding
DEGUS Degu Care Guide Features: Degu Grooming, Diet, Training, Commands, Sounds, and More
Degus As Pets, a Complete Degu Care Guide
Pet Mice - Your Pet Mouse Happy Care Guide
Care for your hamster
The Hamster Handbook
Hamster Care
Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management
The Chinchilla Handbook
Animals: tracks, trails & signs
BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing
Level 2 Technical in Animal Care Exam 024/524 Study Guide
Zoo and Aquariums Enhanced