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LRC resources for sport

Print magazines and journals

The LRC subscribes to a range of magazines and journals which are especially useful for the latest information in your subject area.These can be borrowed for three weeks.

Print magazines and journals recommended for your course are highlighted in the gallery below. Click on the cover image for more information.

Print magazines and journal gallery

Co-kinetic Journal
The Great Outdoors
Massage World


The LRC also subscribes to online journal collections. A selection of journals available in each collection is available below.

If you are accessing the e-journals in college simply click on the journal's cover image. If you are accessing the e-journals from home follow the access instructions for that database. 

General OneFile journals

How to access General OneFile from off campus
Better Nutrition
Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness/Hers
Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week
Physical Therapy
Journal of Sport Behavior
International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Online newspapers

How to access Gale OneFile: News from off campus
The Daily Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph
The Times
The Sunday Times
The Financial Times
The Guardian
The Observer

Details of individual print magazines

Below you will find information about each of the print magazines and journals the LRC subscribes to. It includes a brief description of that title and for some there will be links to the details of a selection of articles in the latest issue.



The issue and page number details of some useful articles in the latest issue are available by clicking on the titles below:

Are different skincare products for men and women necessary?

Clients who don't get better!

An Ayurvedic approach to skin health