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LRC resources for performing arts

British Library Sounds

  In the Arts, literature and performance section there is access to the Theatre Archive Project. Recordings from this project aim to reinvestigate 

  British theatre history 1945-1968, from the perspectives of theatre-goers, actors, directors, producers, stage designers, writers and critics.

Credo Reference


      Topic pages

      Credo Reference has thousands of subject specific topic pages - a great place to start exploring a topic. Each topic page provides an

      encyclopaedia entry or dictionary definition, entries from other books on Credo, YouTube videos, images, links to news articles, and an interactive

      mind map of your topic and related topics. Find some example topic pages below:

Acting Actors and Actresses Commedia Dell'arte
Directing Drama Performing Arts
Romeo & Juliet Screenwriting Theatre

ProQuest Learning: Literature


The 'Authors' section allows you to search for playwrights and retrieves journal articles, a bibliography of their work, a biography and links to relevant websites. Some examples include:

Samuel Beckett Bertolt Brecht Anton Chekhov
Caryl Churchill Arthur Miller Joe Orton
William Shakespeare Tom Stoppard Tennessee Williams


The 'Criticism' section includes journals, such as:

The Journal of American Drama and Theatre Medieval & Renaissance Drama in England Asian Theatre Journal (ATJ)
Shakespeare Quarterly Multicultural Shakespeare Theatre Research International


The 'Reference' section contains KnowledgeNotes student guides which provide an overview of the author and characters in a play, a summary of the plot and themes, and picks out highlights in the key acts and scenes. Some of the KnowledgeNotes available include plays by:

Aeschylus Samuel Beckett Anton Chekhov
Euripides Henrik Ibsen Arthur Miller
William Shakespeare Tennessee Williams Virginia Woolf