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LRC resources for nursing



Cell Biology Histology Reproductive System

Cell Biology 


Histology   Reproductive System   
Respiratory System Special Senses Urinary System
Respiratory System  Special Senses Urinary System


Credo Reference


      Topic pages

      Credo Reference has thousands of subject specific topic pages - a great place to start exploring a topic. Each topic page provides an

      encyclopaedia entry or dictionary definition, entries from other books on Credo, YouTube videos, images, links to news articles, and an interactive

      mind map of your topic and related topics. Find some example topic pages below:

Anatomy Biochemistry CPR (first aid)
Eating Disorders Health Care Human Body Systems
Nursing Nursing Ethics Reproduction

The Visual Guides: Understanding the Human Body

   Understanding the human body

The Visual Guides: Understanding the human body in Credo Reference includes videos and animations covering:

- Cells
- Skin, bones, muscles
- Nervous system
- Senses
- Circulation
- Respiration
- Nutrition
- Reproduction