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About the LRCs

How do I access the LRCs?

All students enrolled on a current college course can access any of the college LRCs but you must have your student ID card and lanyard with you. It’s the same as needing your bank card to get cash from a cash point or needing a passport to go on holiday to another country.

Your ID card is the only way you can borrow resources or use a computer. We use your card to verify that you're a student and it has your all important student number on it. With this you can log on to computers, access moodle, print, photocopy and more. 

Please remember to bring your ID card and lanyard. Unfortunately, without them we won’t be able to let you use the facilities.

I’ve forgotten my card, can I borrow books / use a computer?

Unfortunately not. You must wear your lanyard and have your college ID card with you whenever you are in college. Without your ID card we are unable to let you use the facilities. This is to protect you and make sure only students and staff are entering the college building. 

My friend has forgotten their ID card, can they use my card?

Only you can use your card to borrow books or use the computers. If your friend lost the book or went on inappropriate websites then this would be your responsibility. Don’t take the risk of getting in trouble for anyone else.

How many items can I borrow?

Students can borrow a maximum of six items at a time. If you are an Access to HE student you can borrow nine items.

Each copy of a book, magazine or DVD is counted as one item.

In the Derby Road LRC you can borrow items by taking them to the self service machines with your ID card and lanyard to issue them to your library account.

At the Construction Centre or Engineering Innovation Centre you can borrow items by signing them out on the 'Issue/renew/return of resources' form.

How long can I borrow items for?

The majority of items in the LRCs can be borrowed for up to three weeks for students and six weeks for staff, however there are exceptions. Look out for these stickers:

7 Day loan sticker   This sticker on the side of any resource means that items can only be borrowed for up to seven days. If  
   you want to keep the item for longer you will need to renew it.


   Reference only means the item cannot be taken out of the LRC. You can still read the item in the LRC  
   but it cannot be taken home. 

Why can’t I take the reference book home?

We usually only have one copy of a book on reference. Books on reference are key texts that everyone must be able to access at all times.

Can I keep items for longer if I haven't finished using them?

If you want to keep items for longer then you will need to renew them. Items can be renewed:

  • By coming into the LRC with your ID card and lanyard
  • Over the telephone with your student ID number - (01623) 413644
  • Via email by quoting your student ID number - 
  • Logging into your account on the library catalogue with your reader code (ID number) and a PIN obtained from the LRC.

To renew online please go to the Heritage Online Login page (opens in a new window) and follow these instructions:

Screenshot of renewing online

  1. Enter your READER CODE (student ID number) and four digit PIN (ask at the LRC helpdesk for your account PIN). Click LOGIN.

  2. Click on ACCOUNT. This will display all the items that you have borrowed from the LRCs.

  3. Tick the item(s) you would like to renew.

  4. Click RENEW.

  5. The new return date for the item(s) will be shown in the DUE DATE column.


Items can be renewed ten times without being seen. On the eleventh renewal you will need to bring the items into the LRC.

Please note:
If an item has been reserved by someone else you will not be able to renew it and it must be returned to the LRC for them to borrow. 
If you have a fine on your account you will be not be able to renew online – please see LRC staff for assistance.

Can I reserve items?

If the item you want to borrow is already out on loan, then you can make a reservation either in person or online by logging into the library catalogue with your reader code (ID number) and a PIN obtained from the LRC.

The item will then be saved for you when it is returned and you will receive a phone call and email letting you know that the item is ready for collection. Resources can also be requested from other sites.

How much will I be charged if I bring the items I've borrowed back late?

Fines for overdue items are charged at 10p per item per day, up to a maximum of £2.00 per item. When you return overdue items you will be told about any fines. You have the choice to pay straight away or next time. Please note if you do not clear your fine straight away a loan stop will appear on your account and you will not be allowed to borrow more items or use a computer until you make a contribution towards the charges.,

If you have overdue items then you will start to receive letters asking you to return them. Please renew or return the items as soon as possible. This will ensure your fine does not increase. If you fail to return the items then you will receive a demand for payment for the full cost.

Any items borrowed from the library are your responsibility and must be returned on time and in the same condition in which they were borrowed. Unfortunately, any items which are lost or damaged must be paid for or replaced before you leave your college course.

I'm getting overdue letters sent to my home, what do I do?

Return the books back to the LRC or bring them in for renewal and we will stop sending you letters. If you can't find the books then still come and see us. We will check in the LRC to see if they have been returned to us. Unfortunately, if the books can't be found then you will be charged for the total cost of the books as we need to buy replacements for other students to use.

My password won't let me log on, what should I do?

To reset your password ask a member of staff in the LRC, or you can contact IT via email at

I’ve moved computers to sit with my friends but I can’t log on, what can I do?

You have to wait ten minutes to log on to a computer once a session ends so please choose your computer wisely as you will have to wait to log back on.

I can’t work in here! It’s too noisy in here and people are messing about, what are you going to do?

We try to maintain a quiet working environment in the LRCs but everyone has different tolerance levels to noise. If you're struggling to concentrate due to noise or bad behaviour then tell a member of staff in confidence and they will deal with any problems.

I’m trying to access a website but it’s blocked, how do I get on?

You can only access websites which relate to college work. The college uses a website filter to restrict access to some sites which are considered inappropriate. If you have a genuine reason why you need to access a particular site then let a member of staff know. The IT team will research the sites content and allow access if appropriate.

I’ve run out of printing credit, what can I do?

You will need to pay to top up your account, this can be done in the LRC by asking at the helpdesk.

If you have financial problems which prevent you from putting money on your account please speak to your tutor in confidence.