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LRC resources for construction and building services

Planet eStream

A collection of programmes and video clips are available online via Planet eStream. You can access Planet eStream from college, home or your mobile device.

A selection of useful programmes for your course are available below, but there are many more available when you explore Planet eStream.

Planet eStream programmes

World of Work - Construction and the Built Environment

World of Work - Construction and the Built Environment

Various professionals working in the building industry.

Maths 4 Real - Loci

Maths 4 Real - Loci

Loci simply illustrated.

A Head for Heights - Guidance for Working at Height in Construction

A Head for Heights - Guidance for Working at Height in Construction

Reconstructions of a range of scenarios to show the causes, results and impacts of serious accidents in the workplace

Basic stair building

Basic Stair Building

How to assemble stairs that are solid and attractive. From three steps up to a deck or a full flight to a second floor.


Watermen: A dirty business

Watermen: A Dirty Business

Series of programmes on the water industry

The Hairy Builder

The Hairy Builder

Series of programmes on different aspects of the builing industry.

Applying lining paper

Applying lining paper

Series of short videos on how to apply lining paper

Applying solvent borne paint

Applying solvent-borne paint

Series of short videos on how to apply solvent-borne paint


Painting and Decorating

Series of short videos about painting and Decorating

Grand designs

Grand Designs

Episodes from the Grand Designs TV series

Concrete practice

Concrete Practice

A series of videos on aspects of concrete



A series of short videos on the application of Artex

Built in Britain

Built in Britain

Episodes from the TV series

Country house rescue

Country House Rescue

Episodes from the Country House Rescue TV series

Titanic: The mission

Titanic: The Mission

Series of Programmes exploring aspects of the famous ship

The crane gang

The Crane Gang

Series following crane operators across the UK

Kevin McCloud's man made house

Kevin McCloud's man made home

Kevin McCloud builds himself a cabin in the woods

Demolition - The wrecking crew

Demolition - The wrecking crew

Documentary series exploring the explosive world of demolition

Cowboy builders

Cowboy Builders

TV series exposing rogue tradesmen