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LRC resources for business and accounting

Useful books

Project Management
The Science of Talent
The Business of Excellence
Creative Confidence
Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resources Management
Performance Management and Evaluation
Customer Service and Selling Strategies
Meet Maslow
Getting to Yes
Co-active Coaching
Innovation Management
Billion Dollar Whale
The Billionaire Raj
The Man who Knew
Doughnut Economics
The Value of Everything
The Third Pillar
Move Fast and Break Things
Influence : the psychology of persuasion
New Power
Capitalism in America
Hello, My Name Is Awesome
Contract Management
Fundamentals of Risk Management
Climate Shock
Managing Employment Relations
How to Create a Coaching Culture
Learning and Development Practice in the Workplace
Resourcing and Talent Management
Driving Performance Through Learning
Predictive HR Analytics
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Happy Sexy Millionaire


The different e-book collections provide access to a number of useful e-books. You can browse some of the titles in the collections below but there are many more available in each e-book database.

If you are accessing the e-books in college simply click on the book's cover image. If you are accessing the e-books from home follow the access instructions for each database below. 

Credo Reference

How to access Credo Reference from off campus
The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility
BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource
Collins Dictionary of Business
Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Economics Book
The Columbia Encyclopedia
Collins English Dictionary
Collins English-Polish Dictionary
Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management
The Innovation Paradox
The Essential Job Interview Handbook
Key Concepts in Marketing
Key Concepts in Work
Leadership Glossary: Essential Terms for the 21st Century
QFinance: The Ultimate Resource

Ebook Central

How to access Ebook Central from off campus
APM Project Management Qualification Study Guide
AQA A Level Business 1 Third Edition
BTEC Nationals Business Student Book 1
BTEC Nationals Business Student Book 2
AQA A-level Business for A-level
BTEC Level 3 National Business, Book 1
BTEC Level 3 Business Book 2
BTEC First Business 2012 — BTEC FIRST BUSINESS: Student Book
BTEC First Business Student Book
AQA A-level Business (Surridge and Gillespie)
BTEC Introduction to Business
Book 1 : BTEC National Business
BTEC Level 2 First Business
Accounting for Non-Accounting Students
Building the Data Warehouse
The Data Warehouse Toolkit
Business Communication : Rethinking Your Professional Practice for the Post-Digital Age
Business Ethics and Values
Coaching and Mentoring at Work
The Complete Guide To Business Risk Management
Essentials of management
Study for success
Essentials of Marketing Management
Essentials of Operations Management
Exploring Corporate Strategy
Innovation Entrepeneurship
International Business
Introducing Human Resource Management
The Language of Work
Management and Organisational Behaviour
A Manager's Guide to Self Development
Operations management
Public private partnerships
Purchasing and supply chain management
Quantitative approaches in business studies
Repeat the remarkable
Research methods for business students
The seven Cs of consulting
A short guide to reputation risk
Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude
APM Body of Knowledge
High-Performance Consulting Skills
Flawless Consulting
The Roles of Organisation Development
Developing and Using Consultancy Skills
Procurement and Supply Chain Management Tenth Edition
Accounting Game

Gale eBooks

How to access Gale eBooks from off campus
Business Leader Profiles for Students
Business Plans Handbook
Company Profiles for Students
Corporate Disasters
Encyclopedia of Business and Finance
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
Encyclopedia of Global Brands
Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets
Encyclopedia of Global Industries
Encyclopedia of Major Market Campaigns Volume 2
Encyclopedia of Products & Industries - Manufacturing
Encyclopedia of Small Business
Everyday Finance
From Green Industries to Green Jobs
Innovation Masters
International Directory of Company Histories
Manufacturing & Distribution USA
Personal Finance
Social Skills
UXL Money
Worldmark Global Business and Economy Issues

English and Maths e-books in Ebook Central

AQA GCSE English Language Grades 1-5 Student Book
AQA GCSE English Language Grades 5-9 Student Book
Mathematics for Dyslexics : Including Dyscalculia