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LRC resources for motor vehicle

Planet eStream

A collection of programmes and video clips are available online via Planet eStream. You can access Planet eStream from college, home or your mobile device.

A selection of useful programmes for your course are available below, but there are many more available when you explore Planet eStream.

Planet eStream programmes

The Genius Invention - Series

The Genius of Invention - Series

Exploring the technologies and innovations which have transformed the world since their invention.

James May's Cars of the People

James May's Cars of the People 

1 of 3 James May discovers how cars became an everyday part of people's lives. 

Speed with Guy Martin - Series

Speed with Guy Martin - Series

Motorcycle racer and mechanic Guy Martin attempts to break the British record for outright speed on a bicycle.

Titanic: The mission

Titanic: The Mission

Series of progammes exploring different aspects of the famous ship

The crane gang

The Crane Gang

Series following crane operators across the UK