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Black History Month

Black History Month by Guardian

You can find some very interesting articles by Richard Brooks, Tim Adams and many others on here.

Please click on the image below to access it.


Guardian Black History Month 2021

Black History Month by HISTORY.COM will take you on the journey of the Black History. They are offering articles, photo galleries, movies and documentaries . 

Find out for yourself by clicking on the image below.

BHM by History

British Library Sounds

British Library Sounds presents 90,000 unique sound recordings which come from all over the world and cover the entire range of recorded sound: music, drama and literature, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds. Explorer the sound of African music, Caribbean poetry and many others by clicking on the images below.




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Credo Reference

Topic pages in Credo Reference

Credo Reference has thousands of subject specific topic pages - a great place to start exploring a topic. Each topic page provides an encyclopaedia entry or dictionary definition, entries from other books on Credo, YouTube videos, images, and links to news articles creating a really useful overview of your chosen topic. Click on 'View Topic on Credo' to see all of the items on the Black History Month topic page.

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National Black History Month Magazine

The magazines is full of articles and interviews to show us why it is so important to learn and celebrate Black History Month.

Please access the website by clicking on the image below.

Black History Month Magazine 2021

Ten Black British Artists

The website introduce ten black British artist whose work appears on Art UK site.

Please click on the image below to find out who they are.